Messaging Conduct

CheapPartsinCanada does not monitor contact sent between users however, we reserve the right to delete or ban those contacting each other inappropriately.

When contacting other users:

  • Please treat them with courtesy and respect.
  • Please do not reply to ads with unsolicited opinions, comments, or judgement on the content of the ads or about the poster.
  • All replies to ads must be in connection to what the ad is offering. Replies regarding other commercial offers are not permitted.
  • Abusive ad replies are not permitted. Any replies containing hate speech or defamation are strictly prohibited.
  • Impersonating other users, including supplying fake phone numbers is not permitted, and those who are found to be doing so may lose the ability to use CheapPartsinCanada.

CheapPartsinCanada reserves the right to revoke the ability of any users to reply to ads without notice.

If you receive a reply that you feel is inappropriate, please click here to report it to our support team.