CheapPartsinCanada.Ca is a platform dedicated for car enthusiasts, mechanics and shop owners who buy or sell auto parts. Seller’s have the opportunity to sell locally or Canada wide.
  • Have an account with CheapPartsinCanada
  • Have a Paypal account to accept transaction
  • Be located in Canada and ship products in Canada
  • Accept our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct
Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parental guardian approval.

Having a shop:       Free

Listing an item:      Free

Selling an item:       3.5%

It is completely free to register and make an account on CheapPartsinCanada, we don't charge any listing fees so you can list as many items as you would like. We only charge a 3.5% fee on the item you sell. If your item does not sell, don't worry as we won't charge any amount until your product sells. The fee we charge is to ensure that we provide the best shopping experience to our users.

CheapPartsinCanada markets its stores and products all across Canada. Benefit in doing business with us is, we provide high exposure to your products so they can sell fast and quick. Unlike our competitors we are passionate and only focus on auto parts. We offer the lowest per item sell fees as apposed to our competitors so you save more on selling your product with us. Anyone one can sell easily by opening an account with CheapPartsinCanada.
There are two ways to contact the seller:
  1. Go to the sellers profile page and navigate to the Contact Vendor on the left hand side.
  2. Open a product and go down to details, next to the details tab you will find Product Enquiry. You can contact the seller here.
You will need an account with CheapPartsinCanada in order to contact a seller.
You may come across the word vendor especially Contact Vendor, this is another way of saying seller. Essentially it is a seller who is selling a product on CheapPartsinCanada.